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Xianqi surrounded by sweet flowers wedding, veil elegant dreamy
New word shoulder flowers wedding

prom dresses The word version of the type of modified slim you! High-end three-dimensional flowers, imported soft lace, showing dignified and quiet temperament, elegant and rich connotation, highlight the door ladies strong gas field! This section of the wedding with the French 3D three-dimensional hand-cloth technology, pure hand-exquisite flowers, with exquisite interpretation of the wonderful and high-end. Charming bright diamond so that the bride simply become the focus of the audience.

Flower fairy petals bride wedding dress

Luxury hand shocks amazing! Xianmei met the frequency of heartbeat ~ upper body will certainly be immortal cents a petal wedding! Beautiful lace speaker sleeves, showing looming mysterious beauty. The fabric is very thin yarn quality, light, thin and thorough sense, intimate cents cents to hide your little flesh ~ extension of the shoulder down and down the hazy, self-confidence and sincere - to help you Xian to burst ~!

New sexy wedding dress

360-degree all-round elegant Slim design, waist was thin, creating sexy charming waistline waist. Shining stones in the flowers with the bloom under the perfect color and glory, shine. Sexy Bra design, modified purple wedding dress full of breast, perspective lace mesh, modified neck lines, showing hazy beauty, gestures highlight the bride's elegant charm!

2017 new Sen Department of cocktail dresses wedding

Perspective of the mesh shoulders, together with the embellishment of flowers, enjoy the magnificent romantic elegant rhyme! Shiny hand-pinned beads, in the light under the radiance, filling the bride's noble luxury. 4D three-dimensional waist of the cut, to create oriental exquisite graceful S-shaped posture. Elegant princess pompon skirt, sweet and pleasant, veil Yanyi dream refined.