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Xianqi full blue bridesmaid dress, bright spots for the wedding
But also to the wedding sky full of friends ~ In addition to the innocent flower girl dresses wedding need careful selection, and now the little fairies, but also pay more attention to the choice of the bridesmaid yo. Cheesy maid of honor not only overshadowed the girlfriends, but also will bring down the overall force of the wedding. If you do not want to be criticized for the plastic sisters flowers, then pick the bridesmaid dress should be extra hard heart Oh.

What kind of color should be worn by the bride during the wedding? The choice of bridesmaid dress elegant fashion without publicity, in order to generous generous. So how to choose the color is people worry about things.

In recent years, many brides will choose the beach or outdoor wedding, this time bridesmaid choose light blue dress it. Pure water as the sea, the United States is not assertive, and the bride's white gauze is also quite match, giving a harmonious beauty, showing the most pure beauty.

Off-shoulder oblique collar design, showing your sexy and charming. wedding dress Gentle lotus leaf, for you to add some freshness. With irregular lace skirt, more highlights the gorgeous texture of the skirt. Comfortable fabrics and fresh colors, how can people not relaxed and happy it.

bridesmaid dresses Lace collar design, vaguely revealing incense shoulder, it looks sexy and lovely. Side seam invisible zipper design, very intimate and beautiful. Rich folds design, adds a sense of fashion skirt. Naturally spread skirts and waves, it is for the skirt to add a lot of color yo.

A short shoulder bridesmaid dress, cuff-style dress is very significant figure, it is particularly tall and the whole person, coupled with decorative waist petals, giving a fairy extraordinary impression.

In the long section of sisters bridesmaid dresses, light blue evening dress is also particularly popular in recent years, can be used to wear sisters bridesmaids dress, not inferior, elegant dress.

Slim fashion slim short dress, maxi dresses pink evening dress highlights the beauty of female lines, with a bow waist belt, so that the overall effect looks more natural and fresh.

Slim long gray slender bridesmaid dress, this one exquisite and beautiful! It is love, and this dress looks very pure skin white, with lace lace, the pressure of the audience is not how the problem Oh!

Black Tutu evening dress, conquered the hearts of the baby's idea, with a pair of high heels, simply unparalleled.