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Winter wedding dress with bone skirt and pink wedding dress no bone skirt how to choose
There are bones and no bones, these two kinds of skirt mainly for different styles skirt.

Thick satin court-style skirt, wrinkled skirt (like the kind of wrinkle I posted above), the big tail of the skirt, there are layers of lotus leaf covered skirt, are the need for bone The skirt. The only way to achieve the desired effect. I have seen in the Wei Chi a bone skirt, the big A pendulum tail is very full. So that the plus size wedding dress effect of the above crystal is very good. If there is no bone skirt, must not have this effect.

Choose the essentials of the bony skirt is, wedding dress body thick, the best is a good thick satin, at least the kind of sense of bone. And the skirt is the kind of big pendulum drag.

Good bone skirt: skeleton is flexible, not deformation, skeleton inside and outside each have a number of layers of yarn to cover the skeleton. The most elegant is that there is a layer of cloth outside the cloth. What I see in Wei Si is like this. If your satin itself is very soft, then it is best purple wedding dress not to choose a bone, it will be like the feeling of cake.

The advantages of no bone skirt we all know. The only drawback is too soft, it is difficult to put the big swing is full, at best it is to hold up it. I see the best bone is 16 layers of yarn, but in the big skirt above a little force.

In the small A put these skirts inside the bone is better. But the fabric must be soft and soft without bone.

blue wedding dress Finally, to remind everyone that the length of the skirt is also important. There is the best words of the last bones of the skeleton in the ground close to the place, otherwise the skirt is not A type is O type. No bone to grow to 3cm away from the ground.

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