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What kind of wedding this year, popular wedding
Wedding for women is not just a simple decorative clothes, it is the best symbol of sweet love. Therefore, each bride for their wedding dress selection must be carefully selected Caixing. So, for the first wedding of the bride, what kind of wedding this year, popular? Together to enjoy it!

One, bow wedding

With the continuous improvement of the level of wedding designers, bow wedding has become plus size wedding dress a countless girls fascinated by the style. Because in this wedding, the designer in order to meet the girl's girl heart, clever in the wedding to add a big bow. In addition, this wedding dress in the temperament of the bride who brought out the not only the vulgarity of temperament, graceful sexy body will make the guests stunned.

Second, high-collar wedding dress

In this year's fashion week, high-collar wedding has become the most brilliant a bright spot. Because in the following wedding, although the high collar design is more retro, but this wedding style is very engaging. But also to give a classic atmosphere, so that everyone on the bride mysterious beauty of the amazing!

Three, cloak waistcoat

bridesmaid dresses Dress designer bold use of the cloak design wedding, although it looks very common, but it is the designer to replace the veil on behalf of the cape, which gives a kind of unspeakable beauty. When the bride wears this wedding, a sudden sense of self-confidence will be presented in their own body, so that your wedding even more impeccable!

Four, pants wedding dress

Pants wedding dress is a major highlight of 2017. Wedding designer boldly play their own whimsy, this wedding will be made into countless bride dream style. However, in the pants wedding dress, with a little lace, not only to the bride cute and lovely features presented most vividly, but also to make the bride become more handsome.

Five, retro small dress

The following small dress unique style, but also to the women who will be the most charming charm out. If you are a petite bride, the following dress is definitely your best choice. However, different colors of the dress to wear the bride who is also different effects, so we have the color of this dress should also be meticulous Oh!

In this year's popular what kind of wedding problems, we browse to you to pink wedding dress collect the beautiful wedding, is not to find their favorite style of the bride in the wedding is the focus of the eyes of everyone gathered, so girls on their wedding Choose to be better!