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What kind of wedding for you, please according to your body condemnation
Wrong wedding dress waist tattoo wedding dress

cheap wedding dress Hourglass-type body, shoulder and hip almost wide, while the waist is relatively thin, like an hourglass. This girl can choose fish tail wedding, the best evening gowns show your waist, wedding dress, or self-cultivation wedding is also good.

Sexy lap, due to the crowd line of sight, lace flowers, sexy S curve, moving figure. Romantic and beautiful tail skirt, high-quality fabrics, clear and elegant, sexy and charming, to create a different you!

Bride married simple A word skirt

Triangle body of the little fairy, the shoulder is relatively narrow, the crotch is wide. This time you need to wear a relatively loose crotch wedding dress, wedding dress and A word wedding bridesmaid dresses best, pompong short paragraph wedding can also be. Fit the contours of the cut profile, outline the comfortable and lace wedding dress warm lines, highlighting the beauty of the female curve.

Short paragraph simple wedding dress princess pompon skirt

Inverted triangular figure of the little fairy, shoulder is also wider than the crotch, this time the best to avoid too close to the wedding, and will make you look very burly. The best choice is the ball wedding, because it is enough fluffy crotch.

High waist A-shaped wedding, you can let the micro-fat girl show a more perfect curve of the United States Oh ~ can show the buttocks curve, and not to expose the legs.

High waist bride married wedding dress

Rectangular body, is the same as the thickness of the little fairy friends, no waist. This time the best choice is high waist wedding, it will line of sight from your waist transfer, also very high, the second choice A word wedding.

High waist bride wedding was thin big bow braised chest wedding, Korean version of the lovely wind, pearl yarn fabric Peng Peng skirt, pregnant women can wear.