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Wedding look good, show Wo service there is another kind of beauty
Show the bride dress wedding dress

This year's new show clothes, the atmosphere prom dresses of fine meaning auspicious, do not pick the body of the bride who is also wearing a suit is not pregnant.

blue wedding dress Long Feng gown skirt show clothes

Big five blessing is the dragon and the robe of the grade, this is the mid-range, the more the density of gold wire that the more high-profile newer more honorable.

Chinese wedding dress wedding dress

Xiufu service and dragon and phoenix coat prom dresses of the fit, the status of honor is a symbol of honor is particularly good, version is high waist was significantly thin, not suitable for fat or pregnant more than four months of the bride wear.

Xiu Wo clothing wedding dress red wedding dress

This piece of clothing gold phoenix pattern vivid, coupled with the atmosphere symbol of wealthy peony flowers, gas fields do not lose, buy clothes to send hair ornaments.

Chinese wedding dress

This dress is like Manchu's flag, the atmosphere of the complex totem fine and festive, do not pick stature tall and thin are suitable for wear.

017 new Chinese wedding dress show long sleeve wedding dress kimono

Why this dress is so much more expensive than other, it is also focused on embroidery, this dress with a variety of colors of the thread, the pattern is more complex, so to spend more manpower and resources to produce, but expensive really Value, to fine atmosphere a lot.