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Wedding dress bridesmaid suit what color is appropriate
graduation dresses Young girls, looking at their own girlfriend put on the wedding, into the happy hall, his side will certainly make the bride more happy. Bridesmaid as the wedding of the second protagonist, but also need to carefully dress up, bridesmaid dress selection should be luxurious and not publicity, decent generous, festive and with a sense of intimacy.

1, champagne, silver

Champagne is very suitable for oriental women's skin color and temperament; noble silver is able to highlight the elegant wedding style, hotel wedding, church wedding and champagne, silver dress is the best match. With the advent of Xi'an personalized wedding, the theme of the wedding, gray, purple, lotus color and other fashion colors by more women of all ages.

2, yellow

Bright and bright yellow is also a bridesmaid's usual dress, but relatively speaking, is a more dangerous color, accidentally robbed the bride's thunder. Elegant goose is a good choice, with chiffon or sandy fabric, so that bridesmaid exudes a Smart elegant beauty.

3, blue

Hot summer, many grooms will choose the beach plus size wedding dress or Xi'an outdoor wedding, this time the bridesmaids choose the blue dress it, such as the sea as pure, the United States is not publicity, and the groom's white yarn is also quite match, giving a harmonious The beauty, showing the most pure beauty. And the blue dress and the color of the sea echoes also bring cool and comfortable feeling.

Bridesmaid dress color taboo:

(A) festive mainly bogey black

For the table festive, bridesmaids can be added in the dress more red elements, such as: a red dress, red belt. You can also wear some reddish warm colors, such as pale pink, light yellow and so on. But it is best not to wear black to attend the cocktail dresses wedding, in particular, can not wear black mesh socks. Because black in China is not auspicious color, do not want to move hate or wear bright spots it.

(B) bogey with the bride wedding the same color

Chinese traditional marriage to red-based, Western culture to enter the wedding with a white wedding. But pay attention to the wedding in the West, only the bride can wear white, female guests are not allowed to wear. In China, your clothes are best not to be the same color with the bride wedding, so as to avoid overwhelming.