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Wedding dress and accessories should be how to match
Do not want to be in the sweet moments of life, so that wedding dress and accessories play a role in the finishing touch! Now let you tell the bride how to make the wedding dress and accessories for the perfect match?

A: Some of the details of the design of the wedding has maxi dresses been full enough, and then increase the ornaments is easy to superfluous, but if coupled with a pair of special exquisite shoes, enough to finishing touch. Such as: a fish mouth high heels, with a bright diamond ornaments decorated flowers, is one of the perfect choice.

Two: Peng Peng skirt design princess temperament full of romantic dream. As the design of the collar is enough gorgeous, so do not need to mix too much jewelry to disperse the stunning eyes, just take a wedding with the same material simple classic hand bag, put on a shiny ring and collar lips pavilions , You are enough Yan Jing four, as the pride of genuine princess.

Three: a word collar design, but also for those who have a beautiful clavicle of the bride. Do not need too many complex jewelry, just let a pair of flower-style diamond earrings shine between the neck, and the waist of the diamond decoration decorated with a perfect echo, set off your clean makeup and a strong gas field just right The By the way, no matter what kind of wedding dress is the same, the jewelry is not in the fine.

beach wedding dress Four: If you are a typical bird by the weak woman, and on the body, the skeleton just small, thin physique, narrow shoulder, chest is not plump but the waist line is obvious, then you need a wedding Highlight your advantages: waist design highlights thin waist, sleeveless exposed slender arm; also modified to hide your weaknesses: the shoulder of the complex cover from the visual widening the shoulder width, chest fold design can formal dresses appear more full.

Five: self-cultivation sleeveless wedding, waist design plus diamond ornaments embellishment and add some luxury and charming, Slim hem but another way to add a tail, let the lower body has been exciting enough. Those mature and capable, a little big woman temperament of the bride, if just tall and thin, you can consider choosing this type of style, high-rolled clean hair with elegant veil, everything is the perfect combination of hardness and softness The