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Wedding and happiness
Pure white people can long sleeve wedding dress not bear to touch, beautiful like a dream, like the beauty of heaven in general. It symbolizes love, witness the eternal, when the old days old, review the passage of time, that a wedding on the white wedding can make all the people remember that year of youth and beauty.

Wedding is the wedding ceremony and wedding bride wearing Western-style clothing, wedding dress can be used to wear clothing accessories, can also include veil, bouquet part. Wedding color, style and other factors, including culture, religion and fashion trends. Wedding from the West, is different from the red-based traditional Chinese dress gown.

Now the bride wearing the hem of the white gauze dress was originally a Catholic dress. Because some countries in ancient Europe are the unity of church and state, people must go to church to accept the priest or pastor prayer and blessing, so as to be considered a formal legal marriage. So, the bride wears a white dress to show God's sincerity and purity. Western before the 19th century, the girls married when wearing bridal dress did not uniform color specifications, until 1820 years ago, the white was gradually become a wedding dress color, this is because the British Queen Victoria wearing a wedding White and elegant wedding. At this point the white wedding dress as a wedding dress is passed down, and gradually accepted by the rest of the world.

White wedding is now the most popular color, often reminiscent of snow and ice, white clouds, cotton, giving a bright, simple, pure, quiet, clean, elegant feeling, a symbol of peace and sacred. Long section of the white yarn people feel like an elegant and elegant angel, short section of the white yarn people feel like a wizard-like cute cute. White wedding on behalf of the inner purity and innocence like a child, a symbol of sacred and loyalty to love.

The original wedding, the design is not complicated. Vertical lines of high waist dress, pleated sleeves and opened a lower collar, as if the popular fashion style is a replica, silk and satin is the main fabric of the wedding. Later, the wedding dress is long and ankle, the former skirt with a straight line cut, the latter is decorated with another mopping the skirt, when the bride walking in the church on the red carpet, the skirt is also Rug on the carpet, so that the bride is like a fairy-like grace. After the wedding style, tight under the wide, low collar was dignified high neckline replaced, the material with gorgeous brocade, neckline, cuffs and skirts also decorated a lot of floral ornaments. To the late 19th century, the texture of the wedding gradually soft, double crepe and taffeta most favored by the bride.

Wedding through the female body curve of the soft, smooth, blue wedding dress light, dignified, subtle, hazy and other characteristics to show the beauty of the body. Wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress, Bubble sleeves wedding, princess wedding, close-fitting wedding, high waist line wedding.

Skirt type

This traditional style of the wedding is characterized by fit upper body, tighten the waist and full of skirts. Waist line can be just in the waist, you can also slightly lower, or even placed close to the hip position. This style of wedding dress are equipped with stereotypes with the petticoat.

Trailing type

Divided into large tail, small trailing wedding, as the name suggests is behind the wedding is a drag on the ground, 40cm or less is a small tail, 40-80cm is in the tail, 80cm or more is the big tail (above Refers to the length of the clothes from the ground).

Close type

This section of the wedding is very simple, according to the body curve close tailored narrow pendulum fit design, no petticoats. Mostly made of silk georgette, crepe and other fabrics with excellent sagging feeling. Personal wedding style can be said that all the wedding style, the most prominent body beauty and the most modern style of cutting. In the knee or slightly lower skirt puff-like wedding dress is the most common deformation of this wedding version.

maxi dresses Large skirt type

Big skirt, long tail, all the bride who feel the romantic and fairy tale elements in the inside, and the sense of a sense of grand dress bride wedding gorgeous, is the best wedding dress dress.

White wedding dress carrying the number of girls for all the fantasy of love. I think about every girl has a romantic wedding dream, put on the most beautiful wedding, holding the favorite hand, into the sweetest happy marriage hall, so that the wedding became the most beautiful memories of the bride's life.

The same white wedding bear not only have your beautiful dreams, but also on the future of the reverie, the exploration of the past, to the end with you slowly grow old, until the eternal. Wedding is a woman for their own happiness to the final testimony.