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Wedding and hair with the most beautiful bride
All say that women are married when the most beautiful, wearing a white wedding dress, with a beautiful bride shape, even more beautiful and moving.

Flower fairy hair + shoulder wedding dress

This hairstyle can best bring out a woman's girl heart, so you look more fresh and beautiful. Plus lace petals climbing around the word shoulder, sexy penetration and chiffon, exquisite immortal Yi

Long curly hair + deep V collar exposed big tail wedding dress

Long hair with long skirt, this hair to take into account the length of the wedding dress, if too short, the effect is not very good. White yarn layers of bedding, beautiful and gorgeous, the actual situation among the creation of fantasy Xian Zi

In the sub-match with a low horse tail hair + collar collar was thin wedding dress

The hair in the sub-sub-Liu Hai design, and then with the low-cauda equina of the hair, with long long yarn, ultra-beautiful

High flower bracts hair + word shoulder school wedding dress

Simple and elegant dish hair style, with a word shoulder wedding dress, the aesthetic temperament in pink wedding dress the end

Side braided hair + fish tail wedding dress

Side braided hair is how beautiful, emitting a fairy-like temperament, with a word shoulder squeak tail tail wedding dress, a great bride style

white dress Low horse tail hair + deep V wedding dress

Simple and generous Korean bride long hairstyle, plus size dresses fluffy shawl in the sub-volume hair tie simple low-haired hairstyle, with deep V wedding dress, very soft

Shawl Hair + Shoulder Wedding Dress

Favorite this hairstyle, the most simple shawl hair, beautiful and moving, very fresh with