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Wedding and color
White wedding dress holy atmosphere, especially with the red jewelry with more visible with its classic color of the glory; and white wedding is the color of the wedding, color wedding bold publicity, the bride can be based on their own preferences and personality to choose Suitable for their own color. Deep purple, tender pink, pleasant champagne ... ... how will dressed in color wedding piercing the supreme temptation?

A few big wedding designer love the design of the color of the wedding, the choice of color can be described as all-encompassing. So, if your favorite is pink, then unreasonable in the wedding can not use it to replace the white. Oh, believe us, no one will recognize who the bride is. The following is a clear evidence.

short wedding dress Pink wedding, review the major brands released wedding series T Taiwan catwalk, it is not difficult to understand why more and more stars prefer cheap wedding dress color wedding. Inventory those who subvert the traditional lead the fashion color wedding.

Spring and summer wedding dress series, Bohemian style, three-dimensional jacquard and so are 2017 spring and summer bridal dress on the popular elements. Bohemia's inspiration from the twentieth century, the seventies, full of liberal spirit. Lace, chiffon are the best material of this style wedding. Lace perspective and color wedding is 2017 spring and summer bride wedding dress key trends. Spring and summer wedding dress series less traditional wedding dress heavy feeling, bring people is a light and elegant sense, simple but yet wedding characteristics, showing the feminine beauty.

Spring and summer wedding maxi dresses for us to bring a modern, stylish bride image, full of three-dimensional tulle Bra, V-collar, classic A word skirt, lace, chiffon, jacquard ... ... many elements are able to simple design Full of expression and every place is just right, skirt inadvertently layers of veil so that we want to explore the mystery behind it, water-like lines soft as the bride's gentle temperament. Bee waist shape and lace jacquard is able to impress the young fashion bride, simple and elegant temperament let you see at first sight.


Strapless word collar is compiled a very like a style, it will not like the chest as the body requirements are too high, and not like long-sleeved wedding sometimes slightly conservative, free random similar sleeve can also cover To the flesh on the arm, and a collar can also be beautiful to the bride sexy clavicle show.

Sexy look

White gauze and lace embroidery is always the best partner, respectively, the use of both the characteristics of thin and delicate design looming perspective wedding, so create a hazy feeling perfect. Sexy, aesthetic is synonymous with this trend.

Pretty short section

Wedding, bridesmaid will wear a short paragraph dress, but in fact like the lovely style of the bride can also choose. Short paragraph wedding will not only become more Jiaoqiao, and compared to the long paragraph to drag the wedding, after marriage it is also easier to save the collection; white dress some short paragraph wedding design and practical, married daily can continue to wear; or in the formal Wedding ceremony after dinner party and other occasions, who do not need a short dress?