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Wanted to wear after reading the wedding dress, the United States really cry myself
It seems that every little girl's vision of love is from the United States and the United States since the wedding dress, because stubborn think there is a beautiful wedding dress, you can become the most lovely princess, so my heart has its own wedding plot. Slowly, the little girl grew up, really talked about marriage married business love, for the wedding, but also has its own more concrete requirements.

Feather wedding dress must be temperament to bring out the pure sweet girl, Aries that pair of innocent to the ultimate eye the most appropriate such temperament, white skin with angel wings feathers, sweet not wood.

Like born in the beautiful castle should be the same, the temperament of the girls Taurus extravagant and full of classical beauty, wedding photographs in the church very atmosphere and very romantic, memorable.

Gemini usually look Taitailielie, the heart is still very small, so the ceremony of the wedding, we must show their femininity vividly, so the sexy strap wedding, Gemini most likely to get the favor.

Long tails, a few cute flower girl, bright sunshine through the church window, the face of Cancer bride, looks warm and beautiful, so wearing a dovetail wedding dress bride happiest.

Leo wedding should be shot in the neon at the beginning of the night should not be in the sunny day, because of the enchanting bridesmaid dresses charm of Leo, cheap wedding dress like a blue enchantress in the night sky, a kind of flirtatious beauty.

Scrupulous Virgo, at their own wedding should do some usually do not have a major breakthrough Well, sweet and sweet wedding bed, is simply perfect wedding photo Oh. Happiness kneading, this is the dream pinch.

Libra wedding, will be in the modern square, with the United red dress States and the United States of music, in the testimony of many guests, surrounded by friends and relatives held in the wedding of the modern point is also not bad thing.

purple wedding dress Elegant Aquarius, at the wedding, you should get deep blue blessing, this blessing from the marine elegance, so set their wedding photos at the beach bar, the faint sky under the stars will see Aquarius Love.