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Twelve constellations for the wedding style
Whether it is not used, the beauty of the wedding are worth to appreciate. Want to know their own personality and constellation for what kind of wedding style? The selection of wedding is definitely prom dresses the bride and love each other hate the process, even if you can try all kinds of romantic fantastic wedding, but hard to find that piece can be a love, shouting "I Willing to! "Wedding dress. Now the selection of wedding has a new direction!


Keywords: white, neat cut, simple. On the personality straightforward Aries girls, fine high-profile wedding dress will not be their favorite style. On the contrary, simple and clear lines of design, neat style of dress is the most able to impress their style. With a variety of lace, petticoats or too many layers of tulle and lace style is not easy to see on them.


Elegant female nature of the Taurus girls born with a beautiful shoulder lines and clavicle. A word of the wedding design can set off their advantages in this aspect of the stature.


Keywords: heterogeneous splicing, tassels, innovation cut. For Gemini, too heavy or too many layers of the design of the wedding will not be the ideal style. Gemini bride is preferred with a lot of different printing and texture, but yet simple and neat style of the wedding, fully show their nature is not contrived personality.


Keywords: lace, high collar, silver accessories. Cancer brides prefer a legendary antique and epoch-making heirloom, which is the kind of habitat for the ring or jewels that have been passed down by grandparents on the wedding day.


Keywords: tow skirt, gold silk, elegant veil. Leo constellation of Leo not only always succeeded in attracting the attention of others, but also enjoy the focus as everyone's attention. Lions girls love the wedding, whether it is the process of the ceremony or the feast after the ceremony. They love everything like a dramatic exaggeration.


Keywords: Greek cut, fine craft, elegant accessories. Born with a feminine temperament and charm of the Virgo bride special attention to detail, especially to enjoy the fine wedding on the complex design. Whether it is that elegant little buckle or hidden in the fabric of the zipper, can make Virgo on the whole wedding is unique and unique.


blue wedding dress Keywords: chiffon, silky silk, corresponding to color. The Libra, ruled by Venus, wedding dress loves all the beautiful things. Compared to other constellations, Libra girls are more gentle, more feminine, and therefore more perfect control of charming decoration. Not afraid of their own superior, Libra brides are particularly fond of silky silk and any sexy things.


Keywords: uninhibited, rock, special tones. Scorpio Scorpio Scorpio has other constellations without the depth, strength, and incomplete nature. In the selection of wedding, the Scorpio bride is not afraid of their choice too avant-garde or too far from the traditional bride look like.


Keywords: romantic soft, bohemian wind, multi-storey design. Naive romantic Pisces is definitely the most iconic constellation of the twelve constellations. Dominated by Neptune, Pisces girl not only imagined, but also very understanding, romantic and passionate. Never afraid of their own too immersed in the fantasy, the Pisces bride particularly suitable for the uninhibited bohemian wind.