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Traditional show Wo wedding dress, show the most beautiful bride
Show off the bride dress

The traditional stand-up design, back invisible zipper, stunning gold thread embroidery design, charming elegance, magnificent.

Bride toast service cheongsam

High-quality forging breathable fresh, comfortable skin-friendly, three-dimensional Slim cut, waist was thin type, heritage of traditional Chinese embroidery process, the beauty of the East.

2017 show clothes

Chinese-style encryption embroidery, to show exquisite craftsmanship, personal three-dimensional cut design, suddenly stand tall and proud posture.

Lace Slim short dress

Put on this set to let you feel the body lying in the flowers, simple and elegant lace, romantic fashion, retro classic.

Chinese dress cheongsam

Wake up the traditional Chinese customs, provoke elegant joy, Chinese-style collar with gorgeous embroidery, exquisite disk buckle.

Toast bride cheongsam

plus size dresses Comfortable fabrics, exquisite retro cocktail dresses patterns, breathable environmental protection, Slim was thin, gentle and virtuous, showing charming body.

Chinese wedding show Wo service

Red is very festive, classical charm of the beautiful collar, exudes a thick Chinese charm, elegant and solemn, embroidered pattern design delicate, delicate embroidery, style quaint, with color and moving, noble gold line to bring out the bride's elegant atmosphere.

Chinese cheongsam

With a small lapel design, the use of traditional Chinese elements, the perfect modification and show a beautiful woman, the Chinese knot decoration, thick Chinese flavor, fine gold embroidery is very gorgeous, Ngau Tau horse hem embroidery, very unique.

Chinese wedding dress

Chinese style collar heritage of the retro atmosphere, highlighting the elegant beauty of the Oriental casual dresses woman, low-eyed nodded infinite style, relaxed and level of the speaker sleeves, elegant and beautiful, bring out the arm of the slender, gestures revealing uncompromising attention pink wedding dress Peony implies and beauty.