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To participate in classmates wedding, wearing a good look can not lose face
Short before the long dress

Short before the long dress, to wear the wedding time to wear, absolutely very temperament to say it, pink color, and very little female heart. Long before the long design, or quite cute and lovely to say it, anyway, the individual can not feel more love, with high heels, the United States and the United States da.

In the sleeves Slim dress

In the sleeve style dress, with the lace to join, and instantly seem different, it is quite a sense of feminine, like. In the sleeve of the design, but also just for the current temperature, this is still a very good feeling, you do not like it anyway, I like.

Short section of self-cultivation evening dress

Short section of the evening dress, just to highlight the slender long legs to come, pink and tender tender color, it is also suitable for wear on the wedding, love. Sleeveless Bra design, or a very good feeling, but also with a little bit of small sexy it, the hem is the yarn, it is fantastic yet

Sling small dress skirt

Sling style small dress skirt, quite sexy to say it, big red design, it is festive feeling, suitable for wearing on the wedding Oh Exquisite design, it is a charm that, with a simple high heels and the like, temperament properly increased, like Oh!

Elegant and sexy

Moisturizing lazy itself in the color is very eye-catching, cute and playful, wearing a very heavy age, short paragraph bridesmaid dress for any height of the girls, warm colors to wear on the body can make the skin more white. The design of the chest so that this skirt in the lovely at the same time there are some small sexy taste in the inside, and short paragraph pompon skirt design is very cute, translucent lace cut, skin-friendly lining cloth, wearing comfortable Beautiful.

formal dresses Silver gray short section of self-cultivation evening dress

Small girls can control the short paragraph of small dresses whether it is to go when the bridesmaids or attend important occasions, this dress is you can not miss. Wear on the body like a elf is so lovely and charming. Sleeveless design to show cocktail dresses the slender clavicle lines and the yarn and lace stitching design, piercing the romantic and fantastic feeling, short paragraph design elongated leg lines, no matter maxi dresses what important occasions can all hold live.