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This year's popular bride wedding, giving the first feeling is: casual light fashion, fresh and better
The bride in the wedding that day, but the focus of attention, that wedding day is certainly a wedding dress, so the selection of wedding is particularly important, how to pick the wedding dress to choose the best to set off their own beautiful wedding it? Their own body, choose their own wedding Oh! Xiaobian selected several wedding and a wedding toast, for your reference, but you have to remember that this year's wedding is characterized by: leisure light fashion fresh and better.

You look at this wedding dress, is 2017 wedding new. That luxury long tail, word shoulder design. Is a typical summer high waist Qi Princess wedding. Many girls so cry: "Let me have a little money, put on a wedding like this!" In fact, I hope everyone wears his favorite wedding dress on the red prom dresses carpet.

Look at this bride wedding dress, pink lace Seiko build, the most eye-catching who is the white sweet flowers embellishment, fantastic tail, giving a festive, generous, lovely feeling. If you put it in your own happiest moment, with the most touching posture slowly into the wedding hall, but the happiest thing.

pink wedding dress Hand in hand, high-end custom, only choose their own body of the wedding, which is the pursuit of each girl, like this Korean dream sweet princess luxury bride installed, you can create your life a fine wedding! The best choice for tail extension. Put it happy will naturally be sparse words.

Of course, in the introduction of the wedding time can not help you introduce this 2017 new toast, it is not like a wedding dress as casual, stylish, fresh. And more elements are gorgeous generous, classical solemn, he belongs to the Chinese wedding dress in the red long tail dragons and dragons gown wedding wedding dress. When you toast when the heart is not filled with happiness, expression is not elegant and quiet?

And finally introduce a wedding dress, which is 2017 new princess dream version, the most pleasing is which sweet shoulder shape and fish tail tail, which you can not help but say "wearing this skirt Like cheap wedding dress a dream come true. "