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The goddess of the wedding must choose the style
To say what the most popular elements of this year, it is certainly not "one word shoulder" must go, not only in the street shot in the common name of the shoulder shirt, one by one shoulder dress, even the plus size wedding dress wedding is no exception.

This two months is the most romantic season, because the weather and people, married people will be particularly large. Prospective brides have also started to choose their own set of the most beautiful wedding, be sure to do the wedding day the world's most beautiful woman. However, evening dresses the classic aesthetic of the word shoulder wedding, not only cover the meat and very thin, but also the material itself can be exquisite interpretation of the characteristics of exquisite, so is very well received.

A wedding dress

In recent years, seen so many stars wedding, whether you find. Actresses are beginning to slowly toward the simple style of the wedding, not too much modification, elegant makeup and noble silk are complement each other. The ultimate low-key, but to create the most elegant smile.

Put it on this moment, you are the goddess. This is a word tail fishtail skirt wedding dress to bring a good bride beautiful stature, if the lace is to create the princess's fabric, then the silk with exaggerated skirt can create a queen feeling.

The word of the shoulder, slender waist, you are destined to shine, do not need luster, just just right, it fits you! Multi-layer perspective white yarn to create a rich sense of hierarchy, simple and not simple.

If you are a great body, may wish to choose this type of Slim fish tail style, seems to be from the fairy tale out of the mermaid princess. The long tail makes you look more romantic.

Why so many girls choose the word shoulder wedding, because it is the perfect style of modified arm. This wedding dress in the shoulder with flowers, more prominent chest highlights. It is said that three-dimensional flowers, used in clothing, can only be a wedding to play its role.

The combination of lace and pearl stones, can you imagine the shining beauty under the spotlight? Upper body of the exquisite design, coupled with the skirt of the simple contrast, the aesthetic is used to describe her.

Able to have a lace wedding should be all girls dream of life, lace gives the feeling is very romantic, fantastic, and a word shoulder lace wedding, wedding is the first choice.

Quasi-bride in the selection of the wedding time, there are two trends, such exquisite luxury style, suitable for high-profile self-confidence girls, lace hollow or diamond decoration, and both show their own personality. Put on such a wedding, destined to be the focus of everyone, who can not cover the limelight.

Lace and layers of white yarn splicing, the most court style. This kind of wedding dress to wear the most tired, but the most eye-catching, and hem fluffy feeling, so that the waist looks more slender. A word shoulder can help you modify the arm, so you look more thin! There are European princess married demeanor Oh, you can also be a Korean style, will appear clearly beautiful.

graduation dresses Lace is the most able to reflect the woman's romantic fabric, can be mysterious sexy, but also fresh and natural. Full lace wedding with a word on the side of the lotus leaf, this type of self-cultivation style wedding, the most significant high! Suitable for delicate petite girls.