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The bridesmaid dress makes you the most beautiful scenery
Bright color companion maid dress

When the bridesmaid, is the green years of the agreement, but also girl girllike vision, at the moment I am willing to green leaves for your foil, so you become the most beautiful scenery.

Bridesmaid dresses Tips:

1, first consider the bride wedding and wedding scenery style and color, do not rush to pick a just like their own dress.

2, indoor wedding try to choose light-colored, outdoor wedding can be based on the wedding set may be.

short wedding dress 3, the style than the bride's simplicity, the color should not be too much.

4, if the newcomers are successful people, the wedding scene is more luxurious, try to choose a dignified body of a long section of Slim dress.

5, if you choose a short paragraph to pay attention to the length of a small dress, too sexy will make guests and elders have a sense of frivolous.

Maca Long waist dress

Colorful Maca Long dress simple and fresh, waist style even fleshy bridesmaids can highlight the waist line, if arranged a maid of honor, each person is definitely a romantic enough!

Bright color companion maid dress

Wearing a blue wedding dress different bright-colored bridesmaid group is relatively rare, because the bright color is easier to grab the bride style, and in the case of large density is easy to appear messy, such bridesmaids dress for outdoor or seaside wedding.

With different styles of bridesmaid dress

Several bridesmaids according to the body and character can choose the same paragraph with different styles of dress, the same yarn and lace combination, five-point sleeve is even more ladies, small flying sleeve highlights sweet, and hanging neck style is undoubtedly sexy representative The

Wave point and check out with a sense of retro

Wave point and check the routine, with a pair of strap shoes, retro flavor and yet fresh girl feeling ~

Short lace skirt

Bridesmaid dress popular lace, choose a bride with the same color of the short section of bridesmaid dresses small dress, fresh and playful.