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Small is not terrible, wear the wrong terrible wedding dress selection should be so pick
From the point of graduation dresses view of the most suitable for a short bride, short paragraph wedding is undoubtedly the best choice for short bride, because the short paragraph of the bride's legs can be exposed to the bride's legs, will not make people feel the burden of wedding drag, but also more Good show a short bride lively and playful side, showing a different kind of beauty. If the short bride also want to choose the tail wedding, then it is best to choose the short before the long design style. Wedding dress from the current trend of view, short paragraph wedding is also a very fashionable choice.

If you do not like short paragraph wedding, then the short bride can also choose high waist design plus size wedding dress wedding style. This high waist wedding, not only can effectively improve the height of the bride's feeling, but also gives a lively and lovely feeling. Short bride must avoid the choice of long tail wedding, because it will not only look more cumbersome, but also make the bride look more short.

If it is a long wedding for a long time the bride, there is a wedding choice solution, that is, choose a split or side of the fork in the wedding, and must ensure that the wedding material thin, so the bride with The bride's walk, a pair of legs can be looming, with elegant wedding, will give a more aesthetic feeling, but also make the bride look more noble.

Little bride chooses wedding dress

evening gowns 1, a small bride, although not as tall as a bride is more noble and elegant, but a little more lively and lovely feeling, so a small bride can choose some of the more lovely wedding style, you can better highlight their own characteristics.

2, a small bride choose wedding dress to pay attention to highlight the vertical feeling, such as V-shaped low-cut wedding, simple line design will make the bride more neat. Little bride must avoid the choice of complex skirt design and exaggerated local styling.

3, texture stiff wedding dress with exquisite jewelry and bold colors, will give people a sense of experience.

4, a small bride to avoid the use of large bow and other exaggerated decoration. Tight corset and highlight the upper body of the wedding dress is a good choice. No shoulder strap, sleeveless or short-sleeved wedding dress can better highlight the bride's beautiful shoulders and arms, the guests attention to attract over.

5, a small bride is not suitable for modeling too complicated hair design and veil with, otherwise it will give a feeling of tedious.