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Short hair bride wedding how to shoot how to do modeling
In the eyes of everyone seems to long hair fluttering bride will be in the wedding in the interpretation of a more romantic, it is not true, short hair bride also has its own unique charm, but in the wedding when the wedding should pay attention to some tips, You can grasp the next few points

First: according to personality pick dress

Because the cut short hair, so the woman's neck lines are usually exposed. So short hair bride can choose Bra-style wedding dress, giving a visual touch. If you want to increase their sweetness, then you can in the chest or skirt above the addition of some of the characteristics of accessories embellishment, such as more lace or pearl and so on. So that if you want to highlight their own straightforward temperament characteristics, then the simple cheap wedding dress tight-fitting shoulder wedding is a good choice of the object Oh.

Second: hair care to flower girl dresses be appropriate

For the short hair of the bride, how to choose their own wedding photography shop, although the hair is short, much less than the hair to take care of the trouble, but not that do not care. For the short hair of the bride is concerned, when doing hair can be used with some headdress or flowers, to make the overall shape more three-dimensional. And for the prospective bride in terms of the hair can be a little curl, not only to make hair changeable but also has a strong sense of hierarchy.

Third: makeup choice love pure and transparent

At present most of the short hair bride like most pure and transparent makeup. This makeup is characterized by not only natural atmosphere, but also with short hair styling will highlight the bride's lovely sweet. If you choose a relatively thick makeup, not only will the short hair bride styling highlights discount, but also a lack of atmospheric feeling. Short hair bride can take a wedding photo before try makeup, take a look at the specific results.

Although the traditional wedding has always been white, but in the fashion trend, the color wedding has gradually been accepted by people, even in the status of the wedding industry to further improve.

casual dresses More and more prospective bride out of the hope that the wedding "bright" up, or in order to meet the wedding theme and choose to add a white wedding to other colors, or choose color wedding.

Such as embroidery on the wedding with other colors, or back lace lace choose colorful colors. There are brides choose white wedding with other colors of accessories (such as belts).

In terms of color, almost all colors are popular, black, chocolate, red and grape red is the mainstream, gray, blue, fans and purple also gradually popular, the Internet began to gradually gradient color wedding dress.

Colorful wedding in a few quarters before the launch, this year proved that white dress this trend is very popular, although it has not yet made the mainstream of white wedding status. White and ivory wedding dresses are still the most preferred bride preferred for traditional colors.