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Short bride choose which wedding dress is very good wedding is very important
Short bride choose which wedding dress is very good wedding is very important. Suitable for short evening dresses wedding bride.

Arc bracelet, embroidery, printed fabrics: tulle general wrist wedding dress different, and then add the arc design on the chest line, this little change can stretch the height of a short bride, but also let the upper body looks slender The Back waist design, can highlight the bride's waist lines, the skirt can also be slightly larger, can be more gas field.

Arc bracelet, bow, high waist, fish tail fabric: chiffon, satin chest line with curvature design, coupled with high waist bow design, can better stretch the bride's body, make up for the shortcomings of height The While the design of the fish tail can make the bride lower body slim. Let the bride wear a very "mermaid" feeling. And this wedding dress is also the bride wedding photographs of the favorite. And the gauze fabric can be more elegant.

purple wedding dress Bra, high waist, A word skirt fabric: satin, lace high waist decoration design, played a role in pulling the stature. A-shaped skirt of the personal effect, better reflect the bride slim this advantage. And lace and satin with the more highlights the bride noble and elegant temperament. The above is the introduction of the dwarf bride wedding dress, hoping to help you.

Perspective, sexy, heavy hand, she is destined to be only part of people appreciate! Tired of the white dress monotony, is to be different is the moment the inner demands of many brides. This wedding called "Mermaid Princess", the body is full of crystal like a crystal-like crystal, when the mermaid princess for the love of the fish tail turned into a leg, she proud to the prince, looming legs have the world's most beautiful curve, she is that In order to marry the love of the woman, like you!

Mermaids tailored for the design of the fishtail wedding dress is the most curious charm of the wedding. Chest to the waist of the personal cut, will be full of feminine beautiful lines unfolded, and knees below the romantic gorgeous outreach skirt, then add the queen-like dramatic dazzling momentum.

Fishtail wedding cleverly unique sexy charm with a romantic atmosphere with a romantic atmosphere of the combination of many girls dream of the dream of a wedding dress. So that the following talented designers from the hands of the fish tail wedding, to bring you the most fashionable sexy wedding trend.