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Princess dress skirt to release your noble charm
Silk material dress, pure black color, bring a very high-end texture, to help you enhance their temperament, both noble and elegant. In addition, the skirt collar design is more special, full of fashion sense, coupled with pompon skirt, highlight the slender waist.

Perspective chiffon and lace combination of dress, because the lace with the effect of flash powder, so it is very gorgeous costumes, so you instantly incarnate noble ladies. While the perspective of the skirt part of the girls not only highlights the sexy image, while leaving to wear a level.

Full of design sense of dress, white-based color, the use of black strokes highlight the type of clothes and design details, it is full of personality. And the tightening of the clothes and hollow effect, just to show the girls have caused the curve of the body.

Full of noble atmosphere of the dress, champagne color, with a fine lace hook flowers pattern, showing a charming aristocratic temperament. Moreover, waist waist design, improve the wearer's waist position, highlight your slender legs, distributed charming charm.

1 highlights: fresh and elegant word shoulder design, innovative flowers design, so beautiful clavicle and better shoulder lines to be perfect presentation.

2 highlights: sexy hanging neck design, elongated the proportion of body, looming beauty, distributed fantastic charming colors, flowers embellishment more sexy charm.

3 highlights: fresh and elegant shoulder design, innovative flowers designed to make the beautiful clavicle and better shoulder lines to be red wedding dress dress a perfect presentation.

4 highlights:

Noble lace covered with the whole coat, highlighting the sweet and graceful, there are attractive charming graceful gesture for the bride who sketched out a romantic world, slightly permeable visual sexy charming.

5 highlights: sexy v collar, elegant and charming, slightly exposed clavicle, revealing a small sexy, highlighting the perfect curve at the same time show a different sense of dignity of mortals.

short wedding dress 6 highlights: elegant hand shoulder and chest Bra, showing the length of the neck and charming incense shoulder.

Bra style dress bridesmaid dress for most people, different materials can also show the performance of different bridesmaid style. For your bridesmaids who choose those they can not only wear on the wedding, in other occasions can also use the same dress must be very friends of the mind. As the bride for your bridesmaids choose dress can not forget the coordination with the wedding scene. Whether it is a garden wedding or champagne party, these classic style bridesmaid dress is a good choice.