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Pregnant women shoot wedding dress how to choose wedding dress?
Pregnant women wedding dress how to choose wedding dress? Now many unmarried pregnant bride a lot, so purple wedding dress many wedding photography agencies also appeared a lot of pregnant bride to shoot wedding, pregnant bride because of the body and for the sake of the baby's health in mind, so when you need graduation dresses to pay attention to the selection of the dress Oh! Then how to choose a wedding dress to shoot a beautiful wedding it?

1, was thin wedding recommended

Want to let the pregnant bride how to have a perfect wedding photography? So, the selection of the wedding is very important, some brides may be in this period will be blessed, like pregnant 3 months at the mercy of the bride can wear high waist, small tail wedding; the majority of the hem of the wedding dress is suitable for abdominal arch From the obvious bride.

prom dresses 2, shoulder strap style wedding

Because the breasts become larger during pregnancy, wearing V-neck wedding, then it is likely to lead to the role of unsightly Oh! Bra repair because there is no focus, heavy breasts will sag Oh! So the shoulder strap style wedding is the best selection, not only to cover the shoulders and breasts, but also let the chest looks beautiful show Oh!

3, high waist planning wedding

High waist planning wedding, waist line in the breast below the position, not the outstanding waist, together with the legs can be stretched lines, it is appropriate to cherish the baby's bride.

4, hem wedding dress

For the abdomen has been significantly arched the bride, the majority of the hem wedding dress will be the best choice. Wide skirt plan enough to maxi dresses block the arch of the abdomen, together with the visual reduction of upper body weight, giving a slim visual effect.

5, lubrication satin wedding

Lubricating satin wedding dress, concise and bright, no rest cumbersome burden, the visual will not appear swollen, contraction of the body shape of the visual effect, the appropriate posture full of pregnant mothers bride.