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Pregnant women bride wedding dress selection rule
Many pregnant brides feel that wedding is not the United States, in fact, find their own beach wedding dress wedding dress, the same wedding can be the most shining actress Oh

Pregnant bride wedding dress

Waistline high

In order to cover up the uplift belly, pregnant bride should choose the waist line high wedding, in fact, Korean wedding is very suitable for pregnant brides. Because Korean are more pompong and lovely!

After the drag to small

Solemn drag and luxury drag more than 1.5 meters are not suitable for pregnant bride, should choose a small drag, that is, wedding dress than the front is only 10-15 cm long type. With a little after the drag, is from the elongation effect, making the pregnant bride stature look slender, and a small drag and avoid the cumbersome, making pregnant bride can be more convenient and easy.

Pregnant women bride wedding dress selection

With an oblique strap

As the breasts become larger during pregnancy, Tube is not suitable, because the irons no focus, heavy chest will sag. It is best to use oblique shoulder belt style, which can cover part of the shoulder and chest, making the chest appears Xiu Yi. V-shaped wedding dress is also best not to wear may burst milk situation,

long sleeve wedding dress Light and elegant under the skirt

Thin and elegant hem can reduce the weight of the lower body. The material of the gauze is naturally formed by the folds that can conceal the body.

High waist wedding dress

High waist wedding dress is not perfect waist of the bride's magic weapon. Waist below the natural fall of the A-type skirt can be perfect to modify the curve.

Double shoulder strap wedding dress

Double shoulder dress can bring a special period of the bride to a sense of security, at least not to replace the underwear, so that can be a lot more security, especially in the winter. Waist style can focus on the upper body in the upper body.

Satin wedding dress

Choose forging the wedding, this will be more thin. Of course, if the pregnant women are very cold, you can also choose a sense of transparent lace, so both the wind and not cumbersome.

Inverted triangle wedding dress pattern modified waistline

Design in the visual form of an inverted triangle pattern, play a role in the modification of the waist line, sequins and pearl decoration for the whole wedding played the role of finishing touch. This wedding is very suitable for outdoor wedding dress.