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Petite bride wedding style recommended ...
Petite bride

The face of sections of exquisite wedding will regret to sigh

So beautiful, but I can not wear how to do?

Do not worry, then Xiaobian give you recommend several

Short wedding dress

From the point of view of the most suitable for a short bride,

Short paragraph wedding is undoubtedly the best choice for short bride,

Because the short paragraph wedding can be exposed to the bride's legs.

If the short bride also want to choose the tail wedding,

It is best to choose the long before and after the long design style.

High waist wedding dress

The bride can also choose high waist wedding,

Not only can effectively improve the height of the bride feeling,

But also gives a lively and lovely feeling.

Elegant open fork or small tail wedding

beach wedding dress If it is a long wait for the long wedding dress a short bride,

You can also choose a fork in the fork or side of the wedding,

This wedding will make the bride look more tall.

Amy fairies

Read more of these styles of wedding,

To find suitable for their own paragraph that wedding it?

Upper body as much as possible to wear some relatively short clothes, such as you can wear some Bra, do not wear high collar clothes, of course, if the bride wants to be convenient, can be called collar clothes, so it looks more comfortable, and More suitable for collocation. As the bride, in the upper lace wedding dress body of the process of choosing clothes, no matter what kind of clothes can not choose to set the head, in particular, can not choose high collar, the next time if the choice of wedding longer, will reveal graduation dresses the leg, so next time we can Wear some jeans, because sometimes exposed legs do not matter, often shooting is a panoramic view, will not have any impact.