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Palace wind luxury big tail wedding dress, beautiful dream
Luxury palace long tail tail wedding dress

Like met you that day, gentle wind is always so gentle, gently blowing the hair, you stand in the shade, elegant skirt full of mottled, cute girl, I do for you Pieces wedding, with a beautiful lace, beautiful gauze, pure fairy tale in the angel ~

blue wedding dress Delicate round neckline in the classic line modification, filling the comfortable sweet, with her romantic language, the expression of the beautiful bride's gentle temperament; court-style strap design, nice, without modifying the size, beautiful and comfortable ~

Long tail of the bride to the court long sleeve tutu skirt wedding

Translucent neckline design, revealing the dim beauty of the looming, hand-woven flowers and network of fine pearl, a good modification of the V-neck chest, Sleeve aesthetic, so that the wedding looks dignified and beautiful ~

Imported silk satin fabric, make your wedding dress more court fan, luxurious atmosphere, caring short wedding dress strap design, you can freely shrink the size of the size, freedom of the heart, comfortable heart ~

Korean version of the word shoulder luxury long tail wedding dress

Slim long trailing version, decent cut, stylish atmosphere, highlight the elegant sense of line, just the right details of the decoration, sketched out graceful female graceful body ~

Elegant word shoulder, simple design, shaping the refined temperament, exquisite lace flowers, round pearls covered with flowers, elegant and elegant it goes without saying that ~

European and American court long tail wedding dress

Domineering Queen trailing wedding, selected high-quality fabrics, thick warm, word shoulder design, revealing charming clavicle and neck white, elegant and charming, winter dress with a shawl is bridesmaid dresses also very beautiful ~

Slim version of the shape, repair the waist, romantic tail, covered with exquisite flowers, adjustable strap design, luxurious and romantic, the queen temperament to wear out ~