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Once a lifetime, wedding dress or to their own good ~ you say?
Simple and evening dresses neatly high waist wedding dress

plus size wedding dress With exquisite lace hook flowers with retro bag rotator cuff, in the elegant revealing looming small sexy, high waist down V design and skirt on both sides of the connection lace to do decoration, to create a soft romantic ladies style.

Sultry back hollow details, not only wearing comfortable and breathable, but also show the beautiful back curve of women. Strap design, you can freely adjust the size, very user-friendly.

Waist tattoo wedding dress

Elegant and generous round neck design, outline the beautiful neck curve, clear net yarn embroidery long sleeves, back hollow design, showing sexy back lines, hazy fluffy net yarn skirt, retro elegant cents full.

Back delicate delicate hollow yarn, vaguely slightly permeable sultry, skirt high waist cut, sketched graceful graceful posture, delicate lace skirt beautiful natural.

Korean style to wear belly flowers wedding dress

Sexy Bra design highlights maxi dresses the proud characteristics of the body, showing a charming style of women confident. Romantic web lace fabric, comfortable skin care, bring a wonderful dress experience, blend with a good blessing, together to a happy marriage hall.

Exquisite three-dimensional flowers and lace encircled the net yarn skirt, such as butterfly dancing as elegant Smart, to show the aesthetic dream of the princess temperament.

Long Motto Sen Department of light wedding dress

Simple and generous lace round neck design, showing a beautiful neck lines, smooth waist line cut, outline the slim waist, lightly elegant tail skirt, highlighting the feminine tenderness.

Refined to the structure of the simple section of the outline of the waist outline, create a neat and neat, without losing the elegant skirt profile shape. White meaning pure and elegant, and shining diamonds add light to each other, the interpretation of the soft feelings.

A wedding dress

Very like the style of the wedding dress, with elegant curvature, wrapped in the girl's beautiful incense shoulder, will be trivial breathtaking drift.

Especially the multi-layer skirt design, a touch of playful charm, very design sense; slender palace-style princess waist, the original version of the type was more thin, moving curve.

Word shoulder Korean dress in the wedding

This white wedding revealed the elegant temperament, the use of the word shoulder style to show a sexy atmosphere. Qi big skirt show elegant temperament.

Slim style to show the effect of thin, embroidered decoration so that the skirt is more refined, lace fabric reveals a romantic atmosphere.