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Oh my God! So beautiful dress dress I see for the cocktail dresses first time
Banquet host short uniform

Nostalgic half-collar, with shoulder processing, can not expose the sexy long sleeve wedding dress mature.

red dress New birthday party

Red is an indispensable part of every woman's life. It is a synonym for maturity and romance, a peacock double skirt, and a special sense of art.

Banquet sexy V-neck uniform

The most beautiful skirt was brought back, the charming curve, the outline of suede, star shine.

Red tail tuxedo

The use of cheongsam, through refined refinement, given the thin fabric such as three-dimensional relief, Chinese symbols.


Details blend the style of skirts, layers of feathers fell on Sun Ying body, the dream of the crack particularly noticeable.

The annual conference hosted velvet clothes.

Gong Tingxiu has high and low touch, summary and room, luxurious printing banquet, brilliant glory.

Sexy word shoulder Tube Top Dress European root yarn dress

A cents beauty and smart dress dress, elegant and charming design of the tube top collar, crystal small strap look good and not easy to go light, lightweight gauze cuff every step can be uplifting.

New word shoulder lace dress dress

Bold colors and crisp profile formed on beach wedding dress this dress skirt, sexy shoulder word, light texture of lace fabric, full sense of embroidery process design.

New sleeveless dress irregular dress

Featured soft touch twill weave fabric, simple outline of the three-dimensional self-cultivation of the atmosphere, the whole body red looks can become the focus, with a pair of stilettos just do not be too handsome.