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Nice and inexpensive annual dress recommended! Put on you are the brightest star!
The first paragraph is a pink skirt small pink, pink highlight girl casual dresses heart, cute and delicate, small incense style people feel high and the atmosphere, the front fork design exposed care machine, with the overall boot is very beautiful , A do not mind what to do with the warm skirt.

Recommended a more exaggerated dress, the color is mint green has been very special, the style is also a high collar long sleeve spliced wrap skirts, the overall body was relatively significant, the requirements of people is relatively high, if you dare to boldly try new New humanity, may wish to take this opportunity to cool one, the key is the package is very tight, not cold.

Highly recommended two dresses, one is pink meat splicing dress, the design is a unique splicing, giving both the feeling of both sexy and warm, this dress skirts on the higher requirements of the underwear, no strap will be more beautiful, suitable for beautiful clavicle MM.

Another is also a princess princess dress, is a lace stitching velvet, black more elegant atmosphere, not easy to go wrong, the design of a small bow on the shoulder feels very feminine, the chest design also adds a sexy atmosphere.

First recommended a paragraph is more exaggerated little dress, gray with pink feeling is very advanced beauty, spaghetti straps, gauze skirts to meet the dream of the princess, put on this little beach wedding dress skirt feel turned into a fairy tale princess , Skirts or more exaggerated, suitable for eye-catching MM.

Another pleated skirt design is very beautiful, the color is earth color, I feel more pick people, the requirements of the makeup is relatively high, red lips is the best mix.

beach wedding dress First recommend a small white dress, three-dimensional flowers in the material has been slightly better, Puff Sleeve adds a lovely atmosphere, the design behind the small back really amazing, to accept the invisible BRA MM can try.

The second paragraph recommended black straight small harness, sparkling embellishment finishing touch, wear a beautiful, good body unstoppable, of course, can also be matched with a black gold and silver primer shirt, warm and stylish.

Main European and American style, more casual style, but also some lack of feminine models. long sleeve wedding dress Today's recommended skirts are big with the same paragraph, one is BABY through the brown strap dress. More pick the color and makeup, or else it is easy to appear spiritless, compared to black, red, the public color, the color is easy to color, if the proposed comparison of the strap can then with a black primer, but also wear a different fashion .