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Must wear the toast dress, simply do not want to be beautiful
Flowers satin dress

Lace embroidery long-sleeved red dress long skirt, cover the meat was thin to enhance your overall gas field, lace decorated more highlights your white skin and smooth shoulder and neck lines. Let you walk between the full of feminine.

A toast

Forged the shoulder and the waist of the curve, showing a woman's sexy side of the charming, soft skin-friendly fabric upper body more obvious gas field.

Wedding dress

Elegant lips with exquisite lace design, very elegant feminine, high waist stretched the whole body of the proportion of the Chinese red as the background to emit a strong gas field, and then skirt There are flowers on the face of embellishment, it is not monotonous.

Chinese style wedding cheongsam maxi dresses evening dress

Dress in addition to a simple long section, short section can still wear out their own gas field, style design and fashion personality, the key is a little retro feeling. Cut the fabric is also particularly significant thin, put on a very significant temperament little woman Oh.

Red fashion wedding dress

beach wedding dress A delicate and beautiful little dress, cute with the slightest playful, simple outline to bring out the bride's glamorous, S-shaped curve perfect modification of the charming lines, reflecting the elegance of girls.

Banquet temperament elegant dress

This dress design is more conservative, but the overall design sense, more able to reflect the gentle side of the bride, do not lose sexy dress.