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Mother's dress how to short wedding dress choose?
prom dresses Wedding, the United States and the United States plus size dresses and the handsome bridegroom of course is the absolute protagonist, but do not forget, a pair of new parents, is also an important witness and supporting role, especially the mother's dress, and the bride as reflected the whole wedding Style, so the selection of the dress must not sloppy!

To participate in their own children's wedding, mothers will generally dress up and often different, exceptionally dignified and beautiful. And the choice of mother dress the general idea and principles are: luxurious solemn, elegant atmosphere!

In recent years, more and more new people will choose two sets of Chinese and Western dress, wedding since Needless to say, cheongsam is more and more popular dress. Not just the bride, but also very suitable for her mother's style. Especially after this improved cheongsam + small jacket style, upper body is very significant temperament! Hand-tailored sewing, exquisite workmanship, it is perfect fit mother's body curve, outline the elegant figure. Soft texture of the fabric, but also for this dress a lot of elegance!

Very elegant a long skirt, more suitable for tall and slender mom, a little court style. Oriental breath full of water droplets collar collar design, with a gentle and subtle. Clothing body flocking pattern, dotted the exclusive romantic style. The best is the high waist of the cut, slender and elegant, lotus leaf wave sleeve and skirt two echoes, filling the elegant and beautiful state.

You can also choose this more refined lace two-piece, with wine red, but also very beautiful and generous. Elegant flower-shaped design, beautiful silhouette, simple and generous. plus size dresses Can just right out of the clavicle lines, to be crushed gem embellishment, more dress texture. Waist made a little three-dimensional stitching waist design, can be a good modification stature, with a series of skirts, even more slim figure.

Noble sense of the pinch bead dress. Highlights is the collar and waist of the Dingzhu decoration, exquisite craft is very texture, enhance the details of the details of the whole skirt. Waist also used the primary design, to the maximum set off her mother's body, the plate an elegant hair, step on a pair of high-heeled shoes, my mother can be elegant!