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Modern wedding dress and classical Wo Xiu, two kinds of dress are like!
Retro wedding bride married Chinese wedding dress

Retro classic collar design, the traditional hand-cut white dress button to ensure that the quality of clothes and grade, the overall package rounded round full. Peony and Phoenix embroidery, a needle line is very delicate, it is very vivid. Pleated skirt design, meaning auspicious.

Pretty collar design, exquisite, hand word buckle process, full of Chinese flavor. Multi-layer sleeve design, layers of embroidery process, Ruijiao auspicious, rich peony, Xiangyun Rui, Longfeng Chengxiang, full of festive texture.

Red long cheongsque toast

Large red cheongsque toast, traditional Chinese stand-up design, exquisite piping treatment is just the height of dignified and gentle. Double cuffs with gorgeous embroidery patterns, clouds are auspicious cultural symbol. Skirt on the peacock feathers embroidery, make it auspicious aura.

Wofu ultra-large exquisite craft, the main pattern embroidery with 18 kinds of exquisite colors with a beautiful meaning of embroidery pattern fusion wealth auspicious. Skirt improved brand design, Feng Feng Peony, Xiangyun Rui embroidery meaning auspicious good, strong gas field, the expression of the new full of blessings.

evening gowns The word in the sleeves wedding dress

In the sleeves of the design of the wedding, micro-through the network design, exquisite beautiful flowers decorated chest and cuffs, the skin looming. Dragging the big skirt, super-temperament, fashion aesthetic.

Rose princess wedding dress

Fashionable cocktail dresses mesh Y-neck design, leaving the charming neck and clavicle. Unique waist design presents your perfect waist curve, so that the body more sense of lines. Exquisite three-dimensional flowers decorated upper body, the following splicing net yarn big skirt, delicate three-dimensional flower decoration, beautiful and moving.

Blue handmade petal bride wedding dress

Pearlescent flowers bow flowers complicated hand, pearl to create a translucent, colorful vision, sprouting bow ladies small mind, emphasizing the light and shadow of the ethereal. Multi-layer petals set up three-dimensional, flower "bloom" crystal flower, lace flowers scattered above. Sexy V-neck design, charming incense shoulder and clavicle, the whole is like a beautiful fairy.