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Marriage selected the first paragraph toast service, instantly stunning audience
Fish tail toast

Elegant fishtail skirt with a word shoulder, full of ladies Fan, super-temperament, such a toast dress amazing. Dress skirt with gold embroidery design, look more high-end elegant, graceful style, fashion avant-garde.

The bride is the same

white dress Very silky a dress, feels very delicate, cheongsam and the perfect combination of fashion, to create a different classics. Phoenix pattern embroidery, embroidery work extreme, the word shoulder lace even more sexy, revealing your perfect incense shoulder and clavicle.

Toast bride cheongsam

Cheongsque toast is most people like the style, inherited the beauty of traditional Chinese, especially the charm. Collar collar and the combination of buckle complement each other, a needle line have done prom dresses the ultimate, the side of the opening is more long legs sexy.

Bride toast service cheongsam

Heritage and modern fashion with the fusion of Xiufu service, elegant and fashion coexist, so you become the focus of the audience. High-quality satin comfortable breathable, word shoulder design for you to add a bit sexy. Back strap design can be adjusted according to their own body elastic, bow is also plus size dresses a highlight of this skirt.

Toast Chinese cheongsam

Chinese style and fashion combination of a cheongsam toast dress, skirt length just to the knee, neither cumbersome and elegant and beautiful. Collar collar design better to modify the neck, 5 points sleeve more cover the meat, waist design is waist, full of wonderful man figure.

The bride's toast

This is not the same as the first paragraph of the shoulder dress is not bridesmaid dresses so tight, more suitable for the body of the more fat girls wear, it is a cover of the body of a. Skirt length of two, can be more like their own choice, seven-point sleeve design more perfect cover meat, it is skin white Oh.