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Luxury fantastic white wedding, which you a romantic holy wedding
Word long tail wedding dress

Wedding is a small princess's favorite, as long as you see the bride wearing a beautiful wedding, are not open sight. They dream of their own wedding dress is what kind of? Temperament big wind

Wedding on the delicate lace flowers and shiny pearl sequins modified, 3d three-dimensional waist, patchwork bandage design lines beautiful and smooth, you can adjust the size

Word long tail wedding dress

long sleeve wedding dress Shining cocktail dresses with the distribution of charming lace, traditional cutting technology highlights the waist, human poncho skirt design show full princess Fan children. Pure hand lace cloth, elegant hollow shoulder design, bright and beads to be decorated, three-dimensional waist. Cut the humanized bandage design, beautiful and generous. Luxury romantic big tail.

A wedding dress

Stylish and elegant white lace word shoulder design, gold ratio three-dimensional Slim cut, simple bowknot belt decoration, to show elegant aesthetics, exquisite waist design more prominent waist. Three-dimensional lace embroidery patch decoration, process complex, 3d three-dimensional cut, elastic fish bone waist design stretch stretch.

The new bride princess word shoulder wedding

White wedding dress is the Western wedding, and now a lot of people also like to wear white wedding dress, white clavicle, bright flash, pearl and luxury lace, double thin waist Zhen Mei knot,

The meaning of the white yarn that pure, flower yarn dream shop your tail, the United States Yi Yi Lian City charm, beautiful lace spread winding, ribbons Xianjin, fantastic fairy yarn bow gently on the waist above, delicate and significant Jiaoqiao.

A white shoulder clavicle, bright nail drill and luxury lace, superb craft impeccable. Always dream of luxury style, pure Qingyan, distributed noble and gorgeous princess temperament, with the immortal to the explosion of the root beach wedding dress of the European skirt, you are fairy tale beautiful princess.