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Lace sweet little bridesmaid dress beautiful three-dimensional embroidery elegant temperament
Small dress is a small skirt as the basic style, with a lightweight, comfortable, comfortable features, the length of a small dress in response cocktail dresses to different periods of clothing trends and local customs and changes, but also suitable for wearing in various occasions, clothing recommended lace sweet Small dress bridesmaid, beautiful three-dimensional embroidery elegant temperament.

Classic black and white with, neat shirt collar with perspective lace material, different materials splicing ingenuity, elegant dress more feminine, in the wedding of friends to wear her, low-key simple but not too attractive.

Stereo lace embroidery to make the overall cut is not thin, luxurious bright blue, lining a good color to enhance the temperament, three-dimensional embroidery hold up the overall cut, with exquisite hand embroidery, pass out the blue and white porcelain-like simple and beautiful.

To soft milky white, to bring out the elegant and pure wear, translucent lace embroidery will not seem too sexy unexpected. Abandoned the previous large area lace, changed to three-dimensional embroidery propped up the overall cut, more fascinating.

Waist style show a beautiful body curve, the Chinese style rich blue and white porcelain style revealed the charm of the ancient. Style with exaggerated complex collar and cuffs, but also to the romantic court fairy tale to continue.

Black dress collar dress

plus size wedding dress All black dress seems to put us back to the 50's, gentle and elegant style of the United States and the United States to show the advantages of a small sexy Xiang Xiang, red lips to make the feeling of charm arises spontaneously.

White collar dress

White embossed dress with pearl necklace impeccable, simple and delicate shoulder cut, seems to want to interpret sexy, but also want to retain the implicit. Ballet single shoes deductive retro style naturally do not have to say, Europe and the United States wind a small dress to show charming temperament.

Stitching section dress

Want to make a word collar dress become live wave and naughty up, may wish to choose this small hit color clothing, red and blue hit the belt instantly so that the atmosphere is active, the European and American style, retro and elegant together.

50 years of a word lead the popular era, when wearing a variety of clothing women, do not forget to reveal their own small incense, but the clothing is also very generous. Low-cut equipment has been outdated, talking about the most sexy place for women, of course, to the number of charming casual dresses clavicle and sexy incense shoulder. This summer, a type of dress and coat comeback, become the most fashionable darling of the season.