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Is about to enter the marriage hall, romantic and beautiful wedding to you
plus size wedding dress Every girl has a royal dream, maxi dresses want to have a happy family, want to wear the United States and the United States wedding, into the sacred wedding hall. Wedding symbolizes pure and beautiful love, wear it means that you have decided to own life entrusted to the beloved that he. And his head tied together, build a beautiful home.

From the National Day there are two months, said long time soon, is about to enter the marriage hall of cocktail dresses the sister paper, and quickly action for their own choice of a bar, but also the selection of tall and amazing and moving Oh, today for everyone to recommend Several beautiful wedding dress for the little master who choose.

Many types of wedding, for Xiaobian, each paragraph is very beautiful, but the choice of wedding dress as the same choice, we must choose their own, can cover some of the imperfect figure, do not know how to choose the sister Please see below.

Bra type

In recent years, Qi style wedding more and more popular, the reason is very simple Oh. Qi style of the wedding is not only convenient and simple, do not worry about dragging on the ground and a sense of restraint, but also because of the design of high waist, you can cover the body of small fat Oh.

This wedding is designed for pregnant women crush Oh, the back of the cross strap design, you can automatically adjust Oh, V-lace lace elegant and elegant, simple skirt beautiful fashion. Exquisite lace flower embroidery embellishment of grain crystal, sparkling, lace word collar design, exposing the female sexy clavicle, after lace modification, elegant and soft.


Fish-tail wedding, is completely sexy charming interpretation, deep V design, exposing the success of women's career line, including the buttocks graceful figure graceful show, sultry countless. Embellishment of some lace and flower elements, the United States to nosebleeds.

Unique net yarn flying sleeve design, cute cute, but also cover his arms fat, filling carefully, bow in the waist, light Smart, halter tail design full of sexy sexy posture.


Most of the wedding in the back of the choice of halter design, only to highlight the unique beauty of female skin, life only exposed this time, to do their own queen, waist design S-type waistline show. Net yarn skirt elegant and elegant.

Pure hand of the petals fairy skirt for the embroidery of the flower and other details carefully crafted. Into a piece of flowers embroidered to make tail skirt more moving! V-neck flower lace full of careful machine, waist design, was thin and self-cultivation.

Classic three-dimensional cut, do not pick the body, Cui full of the skirt, filling the goddess temperament, seemingly lazy halter design, but in fact the production of careful machine, outline the gorgeous and elegant temperament.