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How to wear the annual dress Micro-exposed hot
Company dinner will appear like a happy party, in fact, there is no lack of intrigue each other. The annual meeting has become the first person before the end of the year the most troublesome thing, in addition to the wedding which can be considered the most important event, at the annual meeting to wear decent generosity does not follow the crowd can be cited and maxi dresses can only get full cheer, This will give the boss a great impression.

Creative hollow loaded: In recent days, the entertainment gradually out of a chest out of the hollow style of dress, and get many big sought after. Whether it is a red carpet or the streets, can see this very sexy bras play "skill", in the moment you can spike others, gathered focus. Such a powerful new dress, you are also eager to try it?

Sexy perspective equipment: perspective is already a red carpet on the indispensable style of one of the dress, it can not only create elegant and elegant effect, semi-perspective installed subtle and without losing the sexy, easy to build noble and restrained image.

Pure white gods loaded: white fairy wind on the red carpet has always been very popular with the actresses, whether it is China or South Korea's goddess, the white dress is always a soft spot. Deep V, strapless, lace, stitching, etc., each paragraph are Xianqi full, at the annual meeting, you only need a simple white dress, you can become clear and refined, like an elf general, fairy, goddess what You must go.

Classic black dress: in attendance at the annual meeting or red carpet such red dress a formal occasion you really do not know what to wear when the classic black dress deserved to be the first choice, wild, sticky, thin and more prominent noble temperament, whether it is simple Pure color section waist waist dress, or embellishment of some gorgeous decorative mini skirt, will be your annual meeting will not be one of the most wrong dress.

cocktail dresses Casual ladies installed: If you do not want to be too busy at the annual meeting do not want too formal, then easy casual dress is also a good choice, but remember too often, the finishing touch is very important, such as a mini skirt show your big Long legs, or a matte fur, a classic bag, will become the focus of the whole look.