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How to choose wedding dress according to height characteristics?
Become the most beautiful bride of the forerunner, is objectively from their own conditions, looking for their own wedding dress to find their own position. Here, we according to the bride different body type to select the wedding dress, hoping to give friends about to get a little reference.

Thin short can choose thin silk yarn, silk cloth fabric as a material, wedding profile with a long waist shape is better, the skirt parts began to form a large horn-like, upper and lower parts of the clothes to create a weight impression.

cocktail dresses Full of tall, the design of such a body can focus on a certain location, or the use of large foam sleeves, or low open collar and decorated with large ornaments and so on. As the body is more plentiful, then people are more graceful, you can choose a soft edge of the wedding, with a wide ribbon to tighten the waist. Avoid the appearance of a sense of expansion of light to avoid the pink wedding dress body is too tall and too conspicuous.

Tall and tall can choose the popular style, the contours of the wedding can be tight waist and let the skirt open round; can also be designed to emphasize the slender waist and skirt under the pendulum to wavy edge. Selection of wedding sleeves can be used Puff Sleeve, Shaw Sleeve, etc., so that the overall effect is more balanced. Full of short stature in the choice of wedding should try to highlight the vertical feeling, and taboo use of horizontal shape, those body enchanting, arm rounded people, the exercise short wedding dress is low in the chest, the overall line of simple and neat design, and must avoid Wave too much, exaggerated Ni Zi wedding dress local shape, such as a large bubble sleeves are not appropriate. In the choice of materials, feels like a metal feel the fabric is neat, coupled with fine ornaments or bold use of a suitable for their own color, will have a very good effect.

As for the choice of veil, veil generally have long, medium and short; single layer, multi-layer; wide, narrow points. Such as round face shape is more suitable for the use of a wide and long to shoulder a few centimeters below the veil. In addition, the appropriate with the first flower or hair crown can also play the role of rendering the atmosphere. Flowers are indispensable in the wedding, it not only added festive atmosphere, but also set off the bride's charming and moving. Each flower has its own meaning, such as roses on behalf of the beautiful and beloved, lily Nizi married clothing on behalf of pure, purple teng flowers on behalf of welcome, white clove on behalf of miss, red tulip on behalf of love, stone and bamboo on behalf of unrestrained and so on. In the Chinese tradition, Merlin, bamboo, chrysanthemum is known as the elegant style of the four gentlemen, has a personal aesthetic tendencies. This kind of good things for the longing and the purpose of hosting a convention, so the bride can be according to preferences to spend the first flower and bouquets, of course, can not ignore the shape of the bouquet, size and clothes, body match.