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How to choose a small bride wedding dress short dress bride wedding dress style
In the election of the wedding time, often have a lot of skirt long wedding style, which is a small bride, but a small blow ah. They tend to be less confident because they are shorter than others. How many of them envy the tall legs of the bride, so that they can choose a long wedding. In fact, a small bride no worries, the following is a small note for the little bride how to choose the wedding to provide some suggestions, so you have to be a confident bride.

Choose high waist style

Petite body bride naturally cute, but cute too far too childish, pay attention to the balance of the upper and lower body, try to make their first top slender some, the trick is to choose high waist wedding, so that the legs lining slender, choose A-type cut Wedding, petite bride both noble and yet lovely.

Suitable for wedding dress: high waist type A. High waist design, hem enough space, so that the A-shaped outline of the best to reflect the scene stature, skirt design is too simple, can add some gorgeous embellishment.

Petal skirt type. This design style can fully show the bride's lovely side, but also be careful skirt size, a little high waist close size is the best choice.

Skirt type. In the waist after the waist, waist to the skirt as the bell-like wedding design, in the spacious venue in particular to show its gorgeous feeling.

Short bride wedding dress collar design essentials: inverted triangle upper body design can make the whole more harmonious, wide collar than the low collar effect is more ideal.

For the collar: the word collar Can show the neck, eyes to the shoulder line collar better than the round neck effect, revealing the neck enough to achieve the effect of thin face thin neck.

Not suitable for the collar: V-collar collar Although the neck can make looks slender, the face looks noble, but will lead to excessive weight loss, the girls are relatively cool, coupled with the V word lead too far.

Short bride wedding dress accessories essentials: make up with the hair height

Little tall bride long killer is hair, veil, crown multi-pronged, you can grow up five centimeters it

First hair plate high, and then put on the ground more crisp veil, plus the triangle of the crown, short hair bride can be used to create a wig. Want to stay Qi Liu's bride should also note that Qi Liu although young and lovely, but will look short face.

Wedding shoes on the choice, but also have to pay attention to, the best choice with the higher, comfortable shoes, so the use of heel height, enhance the visual height, giving the overall sense of slim feeling.

Original title: how to choose a small bride wedding dress short dress bride dress style

Dwarf bride wedding dress sleeves design essentials: choose not to let the upper body produce a sense of cumbersome design

graduation dresses Small bride choose wedding should focus on the upper body, no cumbersome French short-sleeved style of moderate size is worth recommending.

Suitable sleeves: French short sleeves. Only cover the arm of the short-sleeved design of the arm so that the upper purple wedding dress arm pink wedding dress is more slender and beautiful, small short-sleeved gives the feeling of affinity and fashion.

Not suitable for sleeves: Small man wearing a seven-point sleeve, slightly tacky, if you like to cover the arm, it is recommended to choose five sleeves or long sleeves, so the overall feeling more coordinated.