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How many wedding styles do you like?
Every girl is expected to have a romantic and beautiful wedding, the wedding wearing a seductive white wedding dress, holding the love of their own, walking in the love of the red carpet, received from the friendly and friendly wishes, which Will be the finest s moments. In order to leave this moment from the most beautiful figure, the bride in the dress of the wedding dress are under a lot of effort, the bride is undoubtedly the most desirable wedding dress.

Short paragraph wedding

In recent years the wedding industry set off a burst of short skirts. Designers have introduced for spring and summer outdoor wedding pretty short dress, not only in the design to add delicate manual details, more emphasis on bold fashion style. Now the new trend of short wedding to self-confidence, light, personality, modern style, wedding industry to bring a touch of new colors, different from the long wedding, short wedding is not only light and lovely, it is full of pretty fresh atmosphere.

Fish tail wedding

Fishtail wedding dress will be thin waist, will be beach wedding dress subtle and romantic together, like a fairy tale in the mermaid princess, is the fantasy of the bride's favorite. But the fish tail wedding for underwear abdomen, hip function requirements are extremely high, if the underwear selection error, then you can reflect the perfect body of the wedding, will become a flawed flawed shortcomings.

Wipe the wedding section

How to wear? First, the most important thing is the wedding dress to fit. Before the wedding, should be more wear a few times, according to their own figure to amend the size of the dress for your posture "tailor-made" a suitable wedding dress. In order to be able to show the day from the wedding the most beautiful side, must not be afraid of trouble. Moreover, the best choice when wearing a wedding dress without a shoulder strap may be a transparent shoulder strap underwear, the presumably you should know the bride, do not explain Xiaobian it. If the breast is not very full of the bride, then it must not choose the straight body style Bra bust wedding, because it can only make your breasts look more flat, chest type is not perfect, the best selection highlights the curve and waist of the Bra wedding. Perhaps able to wear that kind of latex underwear, can make the breast look full, will reach the unexpected effect Oh!

Skirt skirt wedding dress

casual dresses This is a more traditional wedding, specifically the upper body is more fit, you can let the waist more tightly closed. Waist line just in the waist, you can also slightly lower, put the location of the buttocks can also be. This style of wedding dresses are generally with a stereotypes of the skirt. Feeling like a princess, is very popular style. Full-bodied bride can choose long-sleeved models or V-shaped waist line style, the effect will be better.

Deep v-type wedding

Deep V wedding to crisp chest looming, the ordinary design has become the focus of condensing eyes. Deep V is not the biggest role in the eye, but to a large extent elongated facial lines, make your little round face in the overall visual effects, it is more slender Oh. If you are short neck of the bride can be considered wearing deep V style wedding, fix the neck and upper body, become slim. If the neck is too long, should avoid wearing deep neck clothing, such as U-collar cocktail dresses and deep V-neck, will make you look too thin. The opening of the collar is wider and makes the neck look slim.