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How does color wedding dress and dress wear out your personality?
1, black wedding: As China's traditional ideas and customs constraints, few people will be black and wedding together. In the east, black is a little bit more unlucky feeling, so black rarely appear in the wedding. But now the designer will use black elements for wedding design creation, if you want to break the routine, elders do not oppose it, you can try on their own wedding black wedding, filling the mysterious wild side.

pink wedding dress 2, black and white with: If you do not want to wear a white wedding dress, may wish to try white wedding with black wide silk belt, black and white with bright results, full of personality and purple wedding dress fashion, not too exaggerated, for those who have a little rebellious heart of the girl, to The whole wedding brings a different visual effect. Of course, have to consider the differences between the two sides of the wedding customs and taboo, or will be counterproductive, self-defeating yo yo.

3, gray wedding: most people will think that gray represents dull, lack of vitality. If the match is good, gray wedding coupled with gold girdle, as Xianqi full and light and quiet, the most suitable for those low-key personality quiet girl, Oh, or a veritable Cinderella yo.

4, orange wedding: orange in the wedding with great visual impact, bright colors will be the eyes of everyone on the focus on your body, become the day the real queen, may wish to try to come to a stunning four bar it

5, bright red dress: bright red style dress can outline the bride charming curve, with the gold will appear more noble and charming, extraordinary temperament. Bright purple style dress is fresh to drop, charming gentle, so that the bride at the wedding to become the focus.

6, violet dress: violet tone dress with purple belt and folds of the embellishment of the dress to add the overall sense of hierarchy, the bride as angels come in the world, small fresh style can instantly enhance the fashion index.

7, red dress: red three-dimensional large flower style dress skirt, temperament cheap wedding dress gorgeous elegance, hardness and softness. Bright red yarn skirt, the level of complex design, unfolded layers of yarn skirt unique, with a pair of colors echo the red high heels, I believe your gorgeous will illuminate the audience.

Long sleeve ladies dress skirt

Slim net yarn skirt, a lace hollow material skirt, sexy yet elegant, filling women soft temperament, feet with high-heeled show, show the legs curve, of course, if the MM body enough confidence, Why not.