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How do different brides pick the wedding?
(1) fullness type

Tall and full of bride should not be too soft to choose the wedding, you want to look more slim, you can choose A-shaped or trailing wedding style, so that the curve can be perfect modification, or those with national customs Wedding dress can also make you do not have a grid, the United States over the lens.

(2) thin and small

dresses for women For the thin body of the bride, simple and not simple design is very suitable for your design, simple and clean crop dress can stretch your body. And then use the three-dimensional full lace pattern, fold wedding, etc. will be able to avoid weaknesses, highlight the superior charm.

3) small chest

The chest is flat you are not on the choice of cautious, although the high collar and deep V-shaped wedding may not be suitable for you, but more fluffy material wedding can make your body more "material"! Such as three-dimensional full of lace, fold wedding, as long as the collar is not too big, can show you the charm of self-confidence.

4) goddess type

So confident the bride, of course, can be wild! No matter what kind of wedding dress can reflect the goddess temperament, so bold selection of wedding dress it, the only need to pay attention to is not to use too many props or jewelry, do not want too thick makeup, because people have been very The United States, if the soldiers were to win the Lord, then, can evening gowns not be full of performance of their own.

Put on the wedding moment, it is the important moment of the girl's life, but also love the aesthetic freeze, so when put on their carefully selected dress, do not hesitate, do not maxi dresses question, I believe this is the most beautiful of their own.