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Get beautiful wedding, do the most beautiful bride
For plus size dresses girls to get married is the happiest day, every girl will have a dream of the most perfect wedding, then, for the bride, the most important is no choice is to choose the wedding, the wedding should follow the trend, but also To avoid their own short plate, beautiful wedding bride lovely, give you a romantic sweet dream wedding.

Today Xiaobian to give you recommend several beautiful wedding, so that the bride in the wedding day the United States to turn the audience, to the bride a grandest and most romantic wedding, fashion wedding design, leaving the bride add a trace of sweet, Xiao Bian together to see it!

Word to shoulder wedding

Luxury palace bride wedding, deep V-neck design, sexy and beautiful, simple and generous embroidery, perfect show bride temperament and elegance. Luxury palace style, version of the type of ultra-clothing posts, exquisite hand-dimensional flowers, very luxurious, to the bride's most romantic wedding.

A rounded fishtail wedding dress

Fresh and sweet version of the type, very good to create a stylish sweet wind, Slim thin style, perfect modification of the beautiful curve, the classic round neck, it is greatly modified neck curve and face, mesh design, Full of mystery, to create sweet personality style, highlighting the sweet and elegant feminine.

Word to shoulder wedding

Elegant atmosphere fashion tail wedding, minimalism, superb craft combination, fashion shoulder design, leaving the bride cheap wedding dress add a trace of sweet. Wedding dress, three kinds of wear with any match, Qi tail tail free choice, 3D stereoscopic cut, long section of elegance was significantly higher proportion.

The word shoulder floating sleeves wedding

petite dresses Spring season, sexy design, as well as exquisite embroidery style, simple wedding dress becomes sweet and fresh, a fresh princess Fan, any stature can easily control, fine lace is Good show elegant fashion woman Fan, create fashion up to people.

Tube long tail wedding dress

Sweet self-cultivation lace wedding dress, is the spring crush essential goods, personalized design, it is elongated body proportions, to create elegant fashion style, Bra repair is the perfect decoration of the overall sweet effect, filling the atmosphere of personality Style, vague sense of dim, shape the mysterious temperament.

The word bearded wedding dress

Elegant and atmospheric design, even if not too much words to describe, but also touched our hearts the most pure touched, the real princess magic, simple and unique. The use of elegant dream of the multi-yarn, interpretation of the snow angel-like pure warm heart, three-dimensional embroidery classical and unique, full of elegant palace aristocratic temperament, it seems elegant goddess Fan full.