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For the bridesmaid dress three can not, or the bride into supporting role
purple wedding dress Many girls have been bridesmaids, bridesmaids is a very happy thing, but the bridesmaids also have several taboos, especially the choice of dress in this regard, the details of the bridesmaids can not do three things, three can not wear brides Bridesmaid can not wear any color dress? Bridesmaid dress is both neat, fashion, and can not be too swagger and won the bride's style, so choose a suitable color bridesmaid dress is very important.

Very elegant dress, collar is a round neck design more beautiful and generous, wearing comfortable, simple cuff design, elegant layering, the details highlight the taste of the classic design was thin, decorative body lines, wearing a thin waist and Legs, graceful posture.

Dress type is a loose loose, wearing a body just to cover the body of meat, inclusive is better. Sling design more cool feeling, coupled with V-shaped collar, revealing charming clavicle, both gentle and sexy. The bright spot of the skirt is in the body of the body trim cut irregular leaf side of the design, an increase of the overall sense of soft and layered Oh.

Fashionable round neck design, more than a big woman's small sexy, neat self-confidence temperament, super-face small, and then with the fashion and not tacky dot dots printing, allows you to stand out in the crowd easily.

The elements of the strapless is the main hit this year, was thin and sexy, the hem is a very slender modified legs, this dress lace wedding dress can be worn all small and modern, only you can not think wedding dress it can not do. Super wild yo

Very elegant sexy sweet in this skirt get a good demonstration. 280cm big skirt let you experience the elegant feeling! Lotus leaf design, relaxed and natural and fashion avant-garde; v collar design highlights sexy, stylish beauty.