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Elegant bride wedding dress, blooming elegant fashion charm
Long-sleeved pants in the back of the eye looking back lace wedding dress

Modern fashion, slim sleeves A dusty temperament, giving an angelic pure, elegant Eugen yarn round neck, perspective of the sexy skin, hazy beauty ~

graduation dresses Shoulder large lace, graceful enchanting pattern, such as spring flowers, selected A-class flash drill, upper body graceful lace fine moisturizing things, it is very light and noble, but also show your elegant, noble taste.

Korean word lace big tail wedding dress

Sweet French lace word shoulder design, visual let you waist fine! Slim Slim version, trendy fashion new! Whispered waist, more modified arm lines, was thin body plus size dresses sculpting!

Choose a good quality car bones lace, each piece of lace flowers are hand-arranged, coupled with pearl flash, holy luxury! 8 layer skirt to create the princess's dream, elegant noble and glamorous! Beauty yarn, vision to create people thinner than yellow flowers

Word shoulder lace halter wedding dress

Simple and elegant wind bride wedding dress, gauze emerge heart-shaped Bra, delicate beautiful lace flowers, creating a faint retro feelings, chest under the semi-transparent lace and back deep v halter, bring noble beauty of sexy beauty.

Small high waist cut, very significant thin ha ha, to create a satisfactory proportion of body, graceful fishtail skirt, outline the female curve body, noble sexy!

Elegant sexy sweet lace word shoulder tattoo wedding dress

From the beginning of the version of the design, it has always been firm thin style goals. Waist, buttocks, cross the contrast more emphasis on the sense of the line, there are thin and extend formal dresses the effect of leg lines. Tail design, but also into the ingenious mind.

Petal-shaped tail, with a similar velvet folds of the curvature, not a single diarrhea and down. From the picture you can feel, this skirt on the cut of the skill, more stringent requirements. Often a wedding temperament, are present in a tiny detail.