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Classic Chinese + Western wedding dress, make you a perfect bride
Bride shoulders toast

Elegant word shoulder, the beautiful neck lines show the most vivid, captivating charm. Simple and smooth lines sketched graceful 绐?绐?body curves, charming and moving.

New word shoulder evening dress

The word shoulder design, let cocktail dresses the girls small Lu Xiang shoulder, one looks very charming, with the waist design, highlights the girl's body curve, sleeve sleeve version, easy arm back and forth activities.

Banquet a shoulder Shoulder dress

A word shoulder chest chest wedding, one looks very sexy. Skirt exquisite neat lace fabric, so that the whole wedding dress looks more elegant, wear more cocktail dresses significant temperament.

Bridal engagement dress evening dress

This shoulder Shoulder dress, high waist Slim, A-shaped skirt light ethereal, like the flower fairy in April, the biggest design highlight is pleated three-dimensional flower design, but also adds a sweet and elegant woman flavor, with Warm jacket, give you a special wedding.

Bride toasting evening dress

Full of Chinese ethnic style design, symbolizes the noble and elegant embroidery embellishment Phoenix, immediately showing a sense of gorgeous. Small classic collar, elongated neckline visual effects, gray and elegant.

Bridal wedding dress long tail

cheap wedding dress Slim waist design, showing a charming curve, soft and comfortable touch, vivid three-dimensional flower embellishment, sweet enchanting, pouring under the light lace, Qi Qiao luxurious Qi wedding, stunning everyone's attention.

Bride toast long evening dress

Selection of high quality lace mesh fabric, feel comfortable, designed by a professional designer version of the model, put on the body of a special charming, self-cultivation design, all of a sudden to make the girl's S body revealed, this feeling is good Goddess Van.