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Chinese bride dress, dignified yet elegant
Toast the bride show clothes

Choose a city end of the old, met a white head, China's love story is always so beautiful and romantic, so and the beloved people to hold a Chinese wedding is a lot of people dream of things.

Stylish design between the perfect show of women's elegant sexy temperament, waist with the waist of the design, will be very self-cultivation was thin Oh.

Bride red show sweater

Bright red and casual dresses blue hit color design, a good increase in the visual effects of clothes, high waist big skirt design is obviously thin this fat Oh.

So Xiaobian have always felt that the wedding dress, or to the number of Chinese show kimono more amazing, there is the feeling of immediate light Oh

Chinese dress wedding dress

Dress on the golden embroidery decoration, so that the whole clothes are very with a texture, personal three-dimensional cut design, the perfect show of women tall and elegant body Oh

Stitching the design of the sleeves of the yarn, giving a feeling of looming, and can be a good cover of the fat on the arm, fat girl check also very thin Oh.

Chinese bride tail wedding dress

Since ancient times, the dress is an essential part of the wedding, Xiufu service has a more vivid colors, style and meaning, is decorated atmosphere, embellished wedding, dress up new people, to express auspicious meaning.

Retro buckle and exquisite embroidery full of oriental feminine beauty, the use of high-grade satin fabric purple wedding dress to make version of a more crisp type.

plus size dresses Chinese wedding dress wedding dress wedding dress

Longfeng jacket this is more luxurious, in addition to the dragon and Phoenix embroidery, but also in the above stabbed auspicious animals or things, like clouds, wishful and so on.

High-quality satin fabric, stylish big tail, filling the bride tall, embroidered stitch fine, exquisite workmanship, colorful embroidery design, fashion and classical perfect fusion, so that the bride has a classic beauty!

Show the bride n

Chinese dress is a gentle dress, is art as beautiful embroidery, is simple and elegant cut, whether it is difficult to control the aristocratic atmosphere, or fashionable lovely feminine style, can be perfectly integrated into the Chinese wedding dress. Very beautiful a Chinese wedding dress, not only thin still cover the meat, retro buckle design more classical temperament, elegant lace skirt more beautiful and unique