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Chinese and Western wedding dress Competition, favorite paragraph 5, simply beautiful days
Korean Princess dream sweet marriage lap to luxury long tail

Dimensional self-cultivation waist of the tailoring process, elongated visual effects, making graceful posture makes people memorable fascinating. Smooth lines, so that wedding dress every step of your are moving and moving.

Lace of the avant-garde eclectic and the United States and the yarn of the encounter, the collision of the magnificent long tail, the romantic and elegant style of integration, revealing intoxicating fragrance.

casual dresses Korean word shoulder lace Qi flowers Slim was thin

Elegant bowknot falls on the back, noble and elegant. Adjustable straps, waist body sculpting purple wedding dress more convenient, outline the exquisite figure curve, highlighting the charming charming graceful gesture.

Elegant lips, revealing charming neck lines. Three-dimensional water lace, Smart sexy, beautiful and charming, highlighting the feminine tender, charming and moving.

New bride Chinese dress wedding dress

Fenghuangxia, Colorful embroidery, beautiful embroidery, beautiful skirt, Triassic style, and the pattern of cuffs, everywhere shows the noble and dignified atmosphere of the United States.

Mei Mei da Chinese dress, exquisite embroidery, high-quality selection, with elegant headdress, all reveal the ancient charm of the ancient wind, the United States was fascinating.

Red tattoo long tail high waist was thin

One type of collar, modified sexy clavicle, exquisite lace outline of petal-shaped collar collar, retro exquisite dragon and phoenix embroidery, Jin together to build flowers with Jiao Yan, flirtatious to drop, it is truly appealing.

Slim was thin and simple wedding dress, exquisite fashionable shape, delicate and tactful, all the delicate and tenderness without fear of locking, full of European elegance charm.

Show Wo service dragon and Feng jacket wedding dress

Hongyan dream around, Fufeng flowers, light dance lightly, roundabout of the romantic, stunning light trembling, warm breeze blowing over the stunning petals, retro fine dragon and phoenix embroidery, Jin together to build flowers Jiao Yan, flirtatious to drop, It is a great one.

Bride Slim Longfeng jacket, fabric touch delicate and comfortable, pro-like skin, breathability and comfort is superb. Suitable for your wedding banquet dress, exquisite dragon and phoenix embroidery, showing retro elegance.

Chinese wedding dress wedding dress cheongsam

Vertical collar, embroidery, Phoenix and other traditional elements of the interpretation of trendy Chinese style. Show graceful graceful Chinese feelings. Exquisite embroidery process, retro elegant. Wearing comfortable, on the grade, temperament highlight the temperament. Full of ancient rhyme collar collar design, bring out the noble and elegant. Embroidery is very fine to wear a very high profile. Using fine gold and silver wire fabric, a needle line perfect. Wear up and elegant.