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Bridesmaids have beautiful and moving, long dress to make your temperament outstanding
Round neck collar bridesmaid dress

As a sister or girlfriend's bridesmaids, wearing more casual. Designed for bridesmaids long dress, elegant and romantic, but also do not grab the bride limelight.

Elegant lace bridesmaid dress

Heart-shaped Bra, modified chest curve. Perspective Peng Peng sleeve, novel design fashion. Romantic lace, coupled with exquisite printing, soft temperament filling.

Slim Gray Bridesmaid Dress

A shoulder design, revealing charming neck and neck curve. Seven horn sleeve, more elegant charm. Hair ball lace, playful Smart, evening dresses very attractive.

Lace Slim Sisters Dress

Sleeve design, modified arm lines. Delicate tulle and fine lace combination, the feminine feminine temperament show most vividly.

Korean Slim Sistership

Waist cut, build slim waist. Thin yarn, fine lace, elegant and cheap wedding dress elegant, showing a gentle and elegant femininity.

Red tattoo bridesmaid dress

Sexy back with Bra design, highlights the chest curve. High-quality luxury fabrics, to create a noble and elegant temperament ladies Fan children.

Sexy V-neck bridesmaid suit

formal dresses Cross-v collar design, perfect modification of the face, showing the charming neck and chest. High waist dress, simple and generous, superior temperament.

Fashion beaded bridesmaid dress

Retro stand, highlight the dignified and elegant temperament. Fine cut, waist design, wearing a slender figure, showing graceful posture.

Stand collar lace bridesmaid service

v-type collar, bring retro elegant temperament. Single-breasted decorative skirts, exquisite beauty. Elegant design, wearing a breathtaking breathtaking temperament.

Fashion elegant bridesmaid dress

Shoulder v collar design, highlight the charming chest curve. Lace decals, highlight the temperament elegant. Natural waist, elegant skirt, upper body fairy style.