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Bride section toast dress, red super festive, bridesmaid clothes also have oh
The whole body has a beautiful relief pattern, non-general knitting weaving process, heavy industry beautiful! Was thin temperament ~ sexy collar collar will be beautiful clavicle exposed no trace. Waist section waist, skirt smooth lines, to the body look super good da da! Red stunning skin color, the United States turn it!

Ultra-heavy industry embroidery crisp black and white fine color, skirt material used, not bad, drape sense of a good, elegant style overall design seems relatively simple, but in reality do super difficult, chest width of each chest should be positioning , It is charming! Upper body was generous, feminine filling, elegant and elegant ladies temperament skirt with lined, do not worry through the problem

This is a decade to wear the most classic one, ladies favorite, super female stars have a show, from the week Huimin to Kunming Ling, all love S, eternal classic upper body black stitching heavy spotted jeanfish embroidery yarn Skirt, so beautiful, stylish Slim version! You deserve to have one! The most important thing is that our black is not foolish of other home

Fried-class heavy industry embroidery skirt body of the flowers are three-dimensional embroidery up, walking will be jitter, a kind of falling love feeling this fabric is thick cotton quite scraping type is not the kind of very thin material simple small round neck Seven sleeves Slim waist design small A skirt has a princess wind gives sweet feeling lined with texture is cotton, including small details I am also very demanding to receive clothes you know that the upper body is very temperament

Each color is carefully selected our home knit dense in the hands of hand with a brooch and brooch is also much better than others Oh ~ pink complexion color white white special black people were thin purple temperament elegant wear feminine immediately presented, Clothes to wear on the body is the embodiment of the quality of life ~ choose a little bit wrong

Romantic dating exclusive dress fried heavy industry a heavy dress the entire skirt both the fabric and lace are custom, the fabric plus size dresses is thick silk, lace is imported machine embroidery, and then the workers hand paste up to the elegant atmosphere of the United States and the United States Huan ~ a bit biased towards the champagne is very special and significant grade of the color ~ skirt in hand to know the weight and sincerity, wear on the body is about to improve the number of grades ~ want to be a unique you, then you must enter ~

138 pearl handmade bead heavy industry luxury high-grade elegant apricot sexy gas field black with fur and coats are the most important activities in the second half of the NICE, the whole design of a full sense of skirt Oh ~ fabric very scraping, skirt to have three-dimensional A sense of the word, waist design to make the curve more exquisite ~

flower girl dresses With a good shoe immediately became a war brides party bridesmaids are beautiful eyes ah

Sweet cherry pink little princess feeling early spring style ~ short wedding dress simple and well-behaved style, specially made a deep V collar so simple in a trace of some looming little sexy lace lace to be embellished to see a look like a dress on the TA Particularly outstanding with pink and delicate floral package hip Slim design sense full!